♦♦ 1974  Established at Taipei County. The major products were hardware.

♦♦ 1995  (1) Approved by CAPA (The American Certified Automotive Parts Association).
               (2) Obtained the qualifications to produce Taiwan military products.

♦♦ 1998  Certified by ISO 9002.

♦♦ 1999  Certified by QS 9000.

♦♦ 2000  Merged AUTO-MATE CO., LTD. to reinforce the ability of producing.  

♦♦ 2001  Invested Unity Industrial Co., Ltd. in Thailand -- a sheet metal parts manufacturer.

♦♦ 2005  Purchased more CNC milling machine and set up research & design software
               to increase our mold manufacture ability

♦♦ 2007 Purchased the 2D & 3D laser machines to produce products faster and more kinds 
               of the products. To satisfy the demand of the auto parts market.

♦♦ 2009  Certified by AQRP.

♦♦ 2010  Certified by ISO9001 (2008 Edition).

♦♦ 2011  Certified by APCP (Approved by NSF).

♦♦ 2012  Set up more tooling manufacture equipments & production
               equipments to shorten the development time and improve the goods
               supply ability for meeting the customers’ need.

♦♦ 2016  Increasing products category, improving logistic work efficiency and
               enhancing the ability of combination to meet the customer need -
               "one stop shopping".

♦♦ 2017  Extend warehouse 16,500 square meter as new logistics center, to enhance                                                        product supply ability.

♦♦ 2018  Focus on expand China market, to supply China insurance market with CAPA & NSF                                        certified parts.